Anusara® Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Skype Sessions

Skype connects people and brings me to wherever you are. The important thing is to keep practicing whether you are fit and injury free, or suffering from a certain condition or injury.

Providing Worldwide Skype sessions

My Anusara® Yoga Skype Sessions are a private, personalised session focused on the details.  From the comfort of your own living room or anywhere you want.  It is efficient and working one on one with Nefeli, you get deeper into the practice than you would in a group.  No Distractions.

Become Knowledgeable:

You will gain the tools needed to reset your body and live pain free. You are better able to practice with more introspection and increased awareness of your energy level, and what is going on in your body right now, leading to a more focused practice and life.  

Please contact Nefeli at

0030-6970-994089 or to arrange a time slot that suits you.

We will discuss your particular needs then customize each session. Whether you need therapeutic yoga or want to identify something you want to work on in your practice, try my worldwide Skype Yoga Sessions.

Anusara® Yoga

Alignment based yoga with a heart opening theme. In Anusara yoga the focus is on aligning the body in the most optimum way and as we do so and the Prana flows we become more open to the Universal plan, to what is as opposed to what we want it to be..this is the way yoga works off the mat. We align the breath the body and the mind and live happier on and off the mat. Anusara yoga can be used in order to train the body to be able to hold it’s best possible posture in which the energy flows and all the systems and organs are thus nourished, or in a private session the Universal Principles of Alignment as used in Anusara yoga can be used as therapy. Yoga as therapy can heal many things but even if doesn’t heal as in the case of Multiple Sclerosis for instance, it helps make the symptoms more bearable and enhances the quality of the practitioners life.

Kundalini Yoga

In Kundaini yoga there is no alignment, the focus is on the energetic aspect of the body. That is why I chose to teach both, they complement each other. Anusara yoga takes care of the physical body. Kundalini yoga, the diamond of yoga, works directly on the glands making them secrete and balance out all the systems of the body. Kundalini yoga was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1968. Yogi Bhajan told us back then that when we would enter the Aquarian Age ( we are in it right now) people would no longer suffer from ailments such as Tuberculosis and Malaria, the modern world ailments are related to the overload of our nervous system, insomnia, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, difficulty in communicating and social relationships, sexual dysfunction is on the rise today more than ever in the past. Yogi Bhajan gave us Kundalini Yoga so that we would be able to deal with the ailments of the Aquarian Age. Now it is up to us to use it!

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