Mon 19:00-21:00 : Kundalini Yoga with Nefeli

Sat 10-11:30 : Anusara Yoga with Nefeli

Yoga as Therapy & Prenatal Yoga with Nefeli is by appointment. 

Our classes are held in Ekali, Athens, Greece.

Space is limited, you must register by contacting Nefeli at:

0030-6970-994089  or nefelimakri@icloud.com

Name:  Kundalini Yoga with Nefeli

When: Mon 19:30 – 21:00


In Kundalini yoga, we work the whole body and the core a lot. Expect a lot of repetitive movement, mantra, breathing and visualization ( so yes you can do Kundalini even if you are injured and cannot move because it works well if you visualize the movement and do the breathing and mantra), you will be moving energy in the body in order to activate your innate power the Kundalini I energy. This energy is already inside you, you are just not able to use it right now but practice makes perfect as they say.  After class, expect to feel fantastic!

Name:  Anusara Yoga with Nefeli

When:  Sat 10-11:30

Description:  A class with a heart opening theme and alignment according to the Universal Principles of Alignment used in Anusara yoga.  A nice way to re-align and renew the body after a long day.  This dynamic class ends with meditation and long savasana to restore the body and calm the nervous system.

Name:  Prenatal Yoga – by Appointment

Description:  Prenatal Yoga at YogaLife helps bring you in touch with the amazing things happening inside you and with your unborn baby.  You will come to realise you really are a goddess with the power to bring a new life into the world!  It is not something happening to you – you are not passive in this process.  You are the one making it happen!

Name:  Yoga as Therapy – by Appointment

Description: In yoga we can target anything going on in your body. Some ailments will be cured such as low back pain or neck pain or insomnia and others will become more bearable and your quality of life will become significantly better. Nefeli holds and MSc in Health Psychology so even though she has chosen to not work as a Psychologist anymore her background in Psychology does come in when working one on one and applying Yoga as Therapy. Expect a lot of details and some homework if you are willing to do it. This is a holistic practice, so homework may be asana (physical) as in movement to align the body, pranayam ( breathing exercises) to expand the breath and relieve the nervous system and heart, meditation or some reading and journaling if you are up to it.

“After trying yoga a couple of times in my life but not feeling the benefits everyone was talking about, I came across Yogalife and decided to give it one more try. Since then, I have been practicing yoga regularly finally able to witness yoga’s healing powers both physically and mentally.

Even though I’m just a beginner, I have made significant progress thanks to Nefeli, who is detailed in her instruction and attentive to her students’ needs that even though it is a group class it really feels like a private lesson. It’s been a learning experience, and I’m still enjoying learning.” — Penny Gourntis

Contact Nefeli


E: nefelimakri@icloud.com

P: 0030-6970-994089

Ekali, Athens, Greece

In-Studio Classes


Mon 19:30 – 21:00: Kundalini Yoga for All

Sat 10-11:30: Anusara Yoga with Nefeli

Teacher Trainings


Anusara Yoga Teacher Training – Coming Soon

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